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What are the Safety Protocols at Silicon Valley Eye Physicians?

So for the patients that are decided they can come to our office what kind of safety protocols are we taking to ensure the safety of everyone?

So as you can see, we're all properly social decency maintaining our six feet of distance.

But besides that our office has done some major changes to ensure the safety and health of our patients.

The first step is we're getting rid of all paper forms. So all the registration happens a couple of days beforehand.

So patients are able to when they pull up in the parking lot, they have to park in the stall and, we actually take their temperature at the car and go through a series of COVID questionnaires just to make sure that they haven't recently been in contact with anyone that's been exposed to COVID-19.

And once all of that's, you know clear through, then we can bring the patient into the exam room where after every patient where disinfecting the exam room with a full clean, and also we're trying to limit the time that we're spending, talking to the patient in the exam room itself.

If it's a complicated case, we may ask that the patient go home first, and we can give a consult through the telephone that way, you know, we can all be a little bit more conscientious of other people and also just make the risk a little bit less here at our office.