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When does Dry Eye require in office treatment vs Telemedicine?

Let's say we reach our limit with what we can do with tele-medicine particularly with dry eyes. What are we doing in the office for patients when they come to our office?

In cases where we don't feel it telemedicine or telehealth, which are in potential, interchangeable is appropriate.

When patients come to the office, we're able to do certain things.

One of the first things that we'll do is we'll basically take a sample tear and test the tear chemistry for inflammation and other underlying conditions of dry eye are oftentimes inflammatory in nature.

We're also going to use a sophisticated imaging capabilities at the office to ascertain whether the glands that produce the various components of the tails, whether it's the oil gland or the aqueous, which is the water component of a healthy.

This allows us to basically get qualitative data, which then allows us to make a diagnosis and initiate treatment.

I would like to add that once we initiate therapy at the office, we can still follow with our patients on tele-medicine platforms.

We at Silicon valley Physicians use EyeCareLive, and we can monitor the patient symptoms and treatment efficacy via the EyeCareLive platform that we've been using very successfully.

And I have to say that patients really and welcome the opportunity get to be managed remotely.

If they're not going to come to the office, it's advantageous again because of social distancing, which is the social responsibility that we all have to exercise these days.