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How to access Routine Eye Care during COVID-19

Can you explain how patients can receive care if they feel uncomfortable coming to a healthcare office at this time?

What we found out is that a lot of our patients who are in need of care, unfortunately, we couldn't accommodate them with the office.

So we decided to flip things along and basically initiate the care at the patients home. In other words, historically, patients would come to office, we'd go down to the examination, come up with the diagnosis and initiate care.

What we are doing at this point is we are actually coming to the patient's home and seeing the patients and the convenience of their own home.

We asked a few questions about their medical history, about their own symptoms.

They may have suffered, and then we can come up with a diagnosis.

We can then issue the prescription for medication for the first 30 days. This medication will be shipped to the patient directly from the pharmacy.

So in essence, patients don't live to leave their home and they will get the medication delivered to them.

So far. What we know this is about patients are extremely satisfied with this option because they feel safe. They feel that they don't have to spend time, you know, on the whole coming to see us. They don't have to wait for us in the waiting room, et cetera. And usually for the tele medicine examinations available very quickly. So the wait time to see the doctor is countdown it significantly.