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Blepharospasm of the eyes & dry eye. What’s the connection?

Dr Wu: Are there any concerns with dry eyes and spasming of the eyelids? Blepharospasms that you do that you're familiar with?

Blepharospasms can cause some dry eyes because of the unusual eyelid to ocular surface interactions.

I think some patients experience some relief of Botox that's been explored recently. Definitely, if you have blepharospasm that does take into account and we do come up with a certain treatment plan, that can be a little bit more beneficial towards the blepharospasm.

Dr Lau: So, just anecdotally, from what I see in patients that oftentimes it's stress-related or whether it's increased work at taking homework. But some simple home remedies that you may want to try, obviously reducing stress, caffeine, getting better sleep, and you can try tonic water. There's a chemical in there that might reduce the amount of spasms that you may be receiving.

Dr Wu: I like to add there's some eyelid twitching is probably mainly what you're getting at, but there's different types of that. And so, you know, I think the most common type is what Dr. Lau alluded to where you can try these easy home remedies and just limiting your caffeine intake and more sleep. Trying to reduce stress levels. And then the previous statement I made about the Botox is for a more serious condition, that's actually called blepharospasm.