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LASIK Recovery Timeline

By Moshe Mendelson, OD on June 21, 2018

A woman enjoying the view after a hikeLASIK is a surgical procedure that corrects the corneal aberrations that cause nearsightedness, farsightedness, and astigmatism to permanently improve vision. While LASIK is considered one of the least invasive, safest, and most effective surgeries, there is a healing period that is required.

At Silicon Valley Eye Physicians, we want to educate patients about every phase of the LASIK procedure. That is why we have provided detailed information about the LASIK recovery timeline. Read on to learn more, and then contact our offices in Sunnyvale, CA or Santa Clara, CA to schedule a consultation with us.

The Day of Surgery

When the LASIK procedure is over, patients can have a friend or family member drive them home. At this point, the patient may feel a little groggy due to the anti-anxiety medication that was used and vision will be blurry.

The numbing eye drops will wear off within a couple of hours of the procedure. We recommend that patients take their first dose of over-the-counter pain medication when they leave our office or by the time they return home from the procedure.

Once the numbing medication wears off, patients typically experience a dry, scratchy feeling in the eyes. This feeling is exacerbated when the eyes are open or when blinking. For this reason, we recommend that patients take a nap as soon as they get home from their LASIK procedure. By the time patients wake up from the nap, the worst of the discomfort has typically subsided.

To protect the eyes from inadvertent scratching or rubbing, we recommend that you wear the goggles that we send you home with for the first day and night after LASIK surgery.

We will also send you home with prescription eye drops. Apply these on schedule to prevent infection and improve your healing.

The Day after Surgery

When patients wake up the morning after surgery, the first thing they typically notice is their clear vision. While patients do still experience sensitivity to light and glare, they experience a significant improvement in vision the day after surgery.

Patients also notice that discomfort is mostly gone or can be easily controlled with pain medication and lubricating eye drops.

Patients can usually stop wearing their LASIK goggles the day after surgery. However, patients may want to continue wearing them when they sleep if they have the habit of touching their eyes.

The First Week after Surgery

For a week after surgery, most side effects such as discomfort, sensitivity to light, glare, and halos have gone away, though these can persist for a few weeks after surgery.

Patients can typically start driving again a day or two after surgery.

Patients should continue to use their prescription eye drops as directed for a week after LASIK surgery. After one week, they can typically stop using the eye drops and return to most of their usual activities.

Four Weeks after Surgery

Patients should avoid swimming or going into baths, hot tubs, swimming pools, or natural bodies of water for at least four weeks after surgery.

In addition, any activity that could result in an eye injury, such as sports, should be avoided for at least four weeks after surgery.

To learn more about the LASIK recovery timeline, contact Silicon Valley Eye Physicians.

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