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I had a great experience


I had a great experience. I was able to get a last minute appointment even with a long waiting list. The team at the reception was really friendly and helpful. The technicians and the eye doctor really take the time to explain to you every detail for the exam. Overall, I had a great first impression!

- Emilie P, Google 2020

Vision Therapy


Dr. Johnson is a delight to work with. She is clearly extremely competent. What I like most about her is that she is caring and takes the time to explain everything about the problems and her treatment approach.

- David B

If you are thinking of getting LASIK done, this is your sign!!


Just had LASIK on my eyes yesterday with Dr Mark. Woke up this morning with 20/15 vision and I'm still in shock at my amazing result. The process working with Silicon Valley Eye Physicians was so smooth. If you are thinking of getting LASIK done, this is your sign!! only regret waiting so long to get it done.

- Melanie Y.

Optilight IPL Dry Eye Testimonial


I decided to do Optilight IPL because I had tried many other treatments before for Meibomian gland disease without significant relief. Silicon Valley Eye Physicians was one of the few offices in the Bay Area to offer this FDA approved technology.

Optilight IPL was quick without a lot of discomfort. First, Rachel applies eyeshields, cleans the surface of your eyelids and then applied a cooling gel to the surface. After a few test spots, Dr. Kevin Wu would apply the light. You would see a bright red flash and then there would be a slight rubber band snapping feeling. He would then apply the treatment across tragus to tragus with two passes and uses a smaller spot size for localized treatment. The whole procedure is efficient and both Dr. Wu and Rachel always checked in with me regarding how things were going. They were very professional and worked well as a team.

Optlight IPL has been life changing. Before it, I had tried many different treatment options without much relief. The day after my first session, my eyes were less scratchy, sandy, gritty and irritated. These symptoms continued to improve after each session. Dry eye no longer affects my quality of life thanks to IPL.

- Dr. Ellin Wu
Very knowledgeable of the business.
1 day ago
- Peter S.
Victor is the best, very patient and professional. He spent long time picking three glasses for me last year, great services!
3 days ago
- Elaine
Great place - people are friendly, professional and competent.
2 weeks ago
- Karine
The staff and doctors are always professional, on time, and intelligent
3 weeks ago
- Matthew W.
First time visit to get a new pair of glasses. Everyone was extremely welcoming and professional! Definitely the most thorough and well-done eye exam I've ever had. Could not be happier with my visit!
4 weeks ago
- Jigar H.
Always happy with this group, especially Dr. Wu. He is very thorough and explains results, answering questions. They are very prompt to get started with testing. Front desk very nice every time.
4 weeks ago
- Julie H.
Had a great experience today. Location was clean, modern, and well organized. Had a smooth check-in thanks to Esther at the front desk. Then I saw Dr. Wu for my dry eye, and he was very knowledgeable and thorough when answering questions and providing my treatment plan. Employees here take the time to make you feel comfortable, and the patient-first focus really shone through compared to another Ophthalmology clinic I recently visited that seemed to want to rush you in and out of their doors as quickly as possible. I chose to go with Lipiflow + IPL to treat my dry eye (in addition to other at-home treatment options suggested by Dr. Wu), and was happy with the price which I think is very competitive for Bay Area standards (the other practice I visited in SF charges 50% more for LipiFlow and >100% more for each session of IPL). As I've been saying though, quality of care was excellent, and I received a very smooth experience receiving my Lipiflow treatment thanks to Rachel who easily applied the device to my eyes and made sure to explain what was going on as it happened. She also wrote a detailed follow-up after my visit summarizing the health plan Dr. Wu created for me to maintain the health of my eyes. I thought that was a nice and thoughtful touch. I rarely write reviews, but thought I would this time so I could support this practice and their commitment to their patients!
1 month ago
- Ray W.