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Virtual Field | Mobile Perimetry

Virtual Field ThumbnailThousands of doctors at practices of all sizes—from new doctors to leading hospitals—use Virtual Field’s headset to test patients, make diagnoses, and grow their practice.

11 exams, 6 CPT codes, No upfront cost.

Expand your practice with Virtual Field for only $199 per month. No up front cost. No per-test fees. No contract. Instead, say hello to fast fields, brilliant customer service, and satisfied patients.

A fully integrated suite of diagnostic products

Comfort First – Test patients at a table or in the exam chair—wherever they feel most comfortable.

Progression Analysis – Track visual field loss over time with our advanced progression analysis software.

Monocular – Stimuli in the virtual reality headset are presented to each eye independently.

Fast EMR Integration – Reports can be downloaded as PDF or JPG files and integrated into any EMR.

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