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Dry Eye Testing

At Silicon Valley Eye Physicians in Sunnyvale, we provide our patients with advanced treatment and care for a variety of vision and eye health matters. Dry eye is one of the most common types of complaints from many of those patients. Dry eye testing is completed at our office using state-of-the-art equipment and techniques to provide our doctors with the very best understanding of what is causing your dry eyes. Our comprehensive services include: 

If you are experiencing itchy or burning eyes, we can perform testing and treatment for dry eye all under one roof.

What Is Dry Eye Syndrome Testing?

Dry eye syndrome testing involves lab testing that specialists can use to better understand the underlying cause of dry eyes. It allows for our team to better understand what is happening and why so we can create an effective dry eye treatment plan for you. When you visit Silicon Valley Eye Physicians, we’ll talk to you about your symptoms and then work through a series of tests that can provide us with incredible insight into what’s happening so we can work towards improving your symptoms.

These are some of the tests we’ll use to evaluate your dry eye syndrome:

Tear Break Up Time (TBUT)

TBUT is a test that helps us to understand how long it takes for tear film to break up on the eyes. Specifically, it creates a measurement to show the quality of the protective lipid layer as well as the effect of evaporation. When a low TBUT is found, this leaves the eyes prone to evaporative conditions and dry eyes.

Schirmer’s Testing

This test involves the use of special cellulose paper that measures the amount of tear production by the lacrimal and accessory lacrimal glands. While it doesn’t tell us what caused the dry eye, it can offer insight into treatment options.

Lissamine Green Stain

Lissamine green stain is a safe-to-use dye that stains the membrane-damaged or devitalized cells located on the surface of the eye. What makes it unique is that it doesn’t cause discoloration on the normal, healthy surfaces of your eye. This gives us a very accurate and clear idea of where eye disease is present.


Interferometry is a test that helps us understand the dynamics of the tear film. It allows for assessing the lipid and aqueous layers within the tear film. Specifically, interferometry focuses on precorneal tear film.

Tear Meniscus Measurement

Located in the lower eyelid is a reservoir that holds tears called the tear meniscus. When you blink, it spreads the tears across the ocular surface to improve your vision. This also helps to improve eye comfort and cleans the eye. This measurement process allows us to determine the depth of this reservoir now, at the start of treatment, and later as your treatment progresses.

Lipid Secretion Assessment

The Meibomian glands in the eyelids create the lipid layer of tear film. This test allows us to gently express tears from this area to see how well they are being produced, how much is being produced, and the oils found within the gland.

Ocular Surface Photography

A key part of the process of tracking your improvement is the use of this type of photography. We’ll take pictures of your eyes at the start of treatment and later using high-tech equipment.


This test allows us to look at the oil glands using a special type of photography called IR spectral photography. It gives us pictures of the entire gland we can use for diagnostics and treatment plans.

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