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We Offer Several Dry Eye Treatments to Suit Your Unique Condition

Dry eye syndrome can be incredibly frustrating and comfortable, but rest assured - it can be treated.

Dry eye treatments available at Silicon Valley Eye Associates in Sunnyvale, CA, include medications, in-office treatments, and simple at-home solutions.

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Dry Eye Treatment for Sunnyvale &

For Sunnyvale , dry eye treatment, come in to see our experienced professionals at Silicon Valley Eye Physicians. Our team offers comprehensive dry eye treatment options that can improve your symptoms, reduce your discomfort, and help you to have the best vision possible. We offer several treatment options to fit every patient's needs, including

  • Medications
  • At-Home Treatments
  • In-Office Treatments

Understanding dry eye and the root cause is essential when prescribing the appropriate treatment. Silicon Valley Eye Physicians offers services including: 

During your next routine eye exam, sicuss your concerns with one of our eye care specialists to get the treatment you need. 

Medication Treatment of Dry Eye

Among our medication treatment options for dry eye syndrome are the following:

  • Cyclosporine A 0.5% (Restasis) – These are the only FDA-approved eye drop for dry eye treatment. Used twice a day for up to six months, it can reduce inflammation on the surface of the eye.
  • Corticosteroid Drops and Ointments - Often used along with other medications, this treatment can reduce the symptoms of dry eye including reducing inflammation for those who have ocular surface disease and other dry eye conditions.
  • Antibiotics Drops and Ointments – For those suffering from blepharitis or Meibomian gland dysfunction, these medications can work to kill the bacteria present. This bacterium commonly breaks down the lipid layer, causing dry eye symptoms.
  • Oral Antibiotics – These medications also work to kill bacteria present on the glands and lid margin. Antibiotics penetrate the gland and can be helpful for those suffering from ocular rosacea or rosacea.

In-Office Treatments

Our in-office treatments for improving dry eye are numerous. When you visit us in Sunnyvale or  dry eye treatment like these procedures can be helpful.

  • LipiFlow – This treatment option is beneficial to those who suffer from Meibomian gland disease that causes discomfort and dry eye. The procedure involves the application of heat to the inner eyelids. With gentle pressure, it helps to release the lipids from the glands, improving your symptoms.
  • Amniotic Membrane Therapy – In this procedure, the thin, semitransparent tissue harvested from the placenta during a Cesarean section known as amniotic membrane, is applied. When used in treatment for dry eyes, the healing process is faster and less inflammation is present. It’s less painful and less likely to lead to scaring of the eye.
  • Punctal Occlusion – This procedure, which only takes a few minutes, works to reduce the normal drainage of tears, helping to build up a larger reservoir. This helps the eyes to remain moist and comfortable. This is done using plugs that remain present in a semi-permanent manner.
  • Therapeutic Prosthetic Scleral Devices and Scleral Lens Therapy – To improve comfort and restore vision in individuals with severe ocular surface disease, this therapy is used. The devices used in it rest in the conjunctiva and near the whites of the eyes. It creates a “vault” that helps provide relief as it is filled with fluid.
  • Lateral Tarsorrhaphy – In this procedure, doctors sew about a third of the eyelid together to reduce the amount of exposed ocular surface. This helps reduce the amount of evaporation of the tear film.

At-Home Treatments

Whenever possible, we aim to provide patients with the best dry eye treatment for their needs including the least invasive options. Some at-home treatments can help with dry eye syndrome. They include:

  • Dietary Supplements – We often recommend the use of Omega-3 supplements to improve symptoms. There are numerous studies that show the benefits of these supplements on dry eye syndrome.
  • Artificial Tears and Ointments – Some people with mild forms of dry eyes can benefit from the use of over-the-counter artificial tear products. They can provide immediate relief, but that relief does not last long. We recommend products that are appropriate for your condition.
  • Warm Compress and Eyelid Scrubs – We may prescribe medicated eyelid scrubs that can help to create a thicker, more stable lipid layer within the eyes, offering improvement for Meibomian gland dysfunction, rosacea and blepharitis.
  • Humidifiers, Air filters, and Environmental Modifications – Improving the environment can help to reduce symptoms in some individuals. The proper moisture level in a home can help to minimize tear evaporation. We may recommend the use of these systems to achieve optimal conditions.

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