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Understanding the Different Forms of Eye Pain

How to Treat Common Causes of Eye Pain In Sunnyvale

Eye pain occurs quite frequently due to a range of physical problems. In order to treat eye pain you need to visit an eye doctor, such as our doctors at Silicon Valley Eye Physicians. As your professional eye doctor in and Sunnyvale, CA, we understand the reasons that patients have eye pain. We will help you figure out what is causing the inflammation or infection related to the pain in your eye. Here are some of the main causes of eye pains that we see on a regular basis.

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Stye Get Off My Eye

If you have a stye on your eye this is characterized by being super painful. The area of the stye will be tender to the touch. It is caused by eyelash hair follicles and oil glands that secrete oil. Treating a stye, and reducing the inflamed pink tissue surrounding this infected area, must be handled by an optometrist who is skilled at removing styes from eyes.

Sinus Infections Affect the Eye

While the sinus cavity technically has nothing to do with your vision, this cavity and your eyes do meet up. Sinus cavities, which are more like tunnels in your facial tissue, swell up and place unkind pressure on the cavity surrounding the eyes. This creates a lot of eye pain on either sides of the face. Treating the sinuses in order to prevent eye pain requires the professional touch of your optometrist staff at Silicon Valley Eye Physicians.

Optic Neuritis

This is a condition that relates to autoimmune conditions, such as multiple sclerosis. The optic nerve attached to the backside of the eye ball swells up and gets inflamed. If not caught in right amount of time, optic neuritis can result in total blindness, and at the very least intense pain in the eye.

Other Forms of Eye Pain

Sometimes your eye will become inflamed or swollen, tender to the touch, and visibly irritated. You want to find out what the problem is as soon as possible so you can start the proper treatment. That’s exactly why you need to reach out to Silicon Valley Eye Physicians in Sunnyvale . Here are some of the most notable eye pain symptoms we see here at the optometrist:

  • Frequent, reoccurring headaches targeted in the eye area
  • Red or pink areas of the eye ball that are typically white
  • An eye that won’t open due to discharge during the individual’s nap or sleep
  • Discharge from the eye area
  • Serious sensitivity to light
  • The sensation that something is in your eye, even if it’s imaginary

Any of these eye pains could be caused or related to something more serious. Always get a medical opinion when dealing with eye pain.


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