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Overnight Contacts Can Help You Enjoy Vision Throughout the Day​ Without Glasses

What is OVC?

OVC – or overnight vision correction – involves the use of specialized lenses that allow you to see clearly after only wearing the lenses for a few hours overnight. If you suffer from nearsightedness, this may be a fabulous option for you if you are tired of wearing glasses or traditional contact lenses, or are not interested in undergoing Lasik eye surgery. Overnight contacts from Silicon Valley Eye Physicians in Sunnyvale , are a non-surgical, comfortable way to enjoy clear vision throughout the day.

Nearsightedness is caused when the eyeball is too long which causes light refractive error, therefore causing objects at a distance to appear blurry. Ortho K is a type of overnight vision correction process that utilizes specially designed lenses that gently reshape the cornea throughout the night while you’re sleeping. These overnight contacts are extremely gas permeable, allowing oxygen to continue to enter the cornea even while wearing the lenses at night.

Overnight Vision Correction (OVC) Before and After

Before these specialized lenses are worn, patients experience many degrees of severity of myopia, or nearsightedness. After sleeping at night wearing these lenses, the cornea is temporarily reshaped to allow light to be properly refracted, which allows patients to be able to see clearly for the remainder of the day. The process is then repeated the following evening, when the lenses are placed back in the eye to be worn throughout the night to reshape the cornea, allowing the patient to once again experience clear vision throughout the day. Since the effect is temporary, it’s necessary to wear the reshaping lenses every night in order to experience clear vision during the day.

Overnight Vision Correction in California

Ortho K is a very effective procedure that’s minimally invasive and causes no discomfort. There is no need for eye surgery to repair your vision, nor is there any down time, and the effect it provides is much more convenient than wearing glasses or conventional contact lenses. It’s easy to take advantage of such an innovative eye procedure with the many experts located in California.

There are plenty of ways of dealing with your myopia, and overnight vision correction through Ortho K lenses is among the most effective and safest means of doing so. The professionals at Silicon Valley Eye Physicians have plenty of skill and expertise in the field of Ortho K lenses, and can help you see more clearly without the use of conventional lenses or invasive surgery. Call us today at (408) 739-6200 or (408) 739-4444 to book your consultation!

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