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Sunglasses represent style, sophistication and individuality, enabling you to express your personality through your choice of eyewear -- but they're also much more than that. Properly designed and manufactured prescription sunglasses can protect your eyes against harmful radiation and the potential blindness and other damage that radiation can cause; some models can also vastly reduce specific types of glare for work or sports. Here at Silicon Valley Eye Physicians, we can fit you with the ideal prescription or non-prescription Sunnyvale and Santa Clara, CA, sunglasses for your needs.

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Preventing Eye Diseases and Vision Problems

Sunglasses are essential for protecting the surrounding tissues from ultraviolet (UV) rays. Daytime sunlight conveys significant amounts of UV radiation -- even in overcast conditions, since the clouds actually help bounce more UV toward the ground. Intense sunlight and UV radiation can produce serious problems, including:

  • Photokeratitis - This condition is a kind of eye sunburn that causes redness and irritation.

  • Cataracts - UV light can cause or accelerate the development of cataracts, a potential cause of blindness.

  • Macular degeneration - UV rays are thought to contribute to this retinal disease, which can permanently impair your central field of vision.

  • Eyelid cancer - Melanoma and other cancers of the eyelid skin can be caused by UV exposure.

Do your current sunglasses protect your eyes against these threats? You can't necessarily tell by how dark the tint is or how well the frame wraps around your face. Many of the sunglasses purchased at drugstores and malls do nothing more than reduce some of the incoming visible light, leaving you vulnerable to those damaging UV rays. You need to make certain your sunglasses are rated as "UV 400," meaning that they block the entire ultraviolet spectrum (which extends up to 400 nanometers). The easiest way to know for sure that you're getting this level of protection is to purchase sunglasses from your trusted eye care providers at Silicon Valley Eye Physicians.

Your Home for Santa Clara and Sunnyvale Sunglasses

You never have to sacrifice style for safety when you get Santa Clara and Sunnyvale Sunglasses at Silicon Valley Eye Physicians. We offer a wide range of designer frames for men, women, and children, including Ray-Ban, Gucci, LaFont, Calvin Klein, Prada, Versace, Juicy Couture, Oliver Peoples and many others. Our optical team can also help you select just the right frame size and shape for your particular face. 

If you need to have prescription sunglasses made, we can provide a variety of shades and tints, all of which provide the necessary UV protection to help you help your eyes. Last but not least, we can provide polarized Santa Clara and Sunnyvale sunglasses to cut the glare off of water and other shiny surfaces. This can be tremendously helpful for fishing, boating, driving and other activities. 

Call 408-739-6200 or drop by either office to learn more about our Sunnyvale and Santa Clara sunglasses!

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