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Parents face a variety of challenges when raising their children. They must make decisions about a child's health and well-being based on their situation and the signs of problems that may arise. While a child's health relates to multiple areas of their life, child eye care is an area that may be overlooked at a young age. Since children have not yet entered the education system, parents may not always realize a child needs glasses or certain treatments. At Silicon Valley Eye Physicians in Sunnyvale we offer a kid's eye exam to help parents recognize the signs of a vision problem and address potential concerns.

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Why Seek Pediatric Eye Exams?

Pediatric eye exams in Sunnyvale CA play an essential role in catching potential problems before it interferes with a child's ability to learn in school. The American Optometric Association reports that almost 10 percent of pre-school aged children have an eye or vision problem. While schools may offer vision screenings to children, the American Optometric Association reports that the screenings miss as many as 60 percent of children with vision problems. 

Vision screening from a preschool or elementary school do not provide the comprehensive evaluation offered by a professional optometrist. Pediatric eye exams check every area of a child's eye health and catch problems at an early stage so it is possible to correct the concern.

When to Consider Kids Eye Exams in , CA?

The appropriate timing for kids eye exams in , CA ultimately depend on your child's behavior. If your notice a child squinting, rubbing his or her eyes, or avoiding detailed activities like coloring and puzzles, then you may want to consider eye exams for kids. You also want to consider an exam if your child has a lazy eye or continually crosses his or her eyes in an effort to see clearly. 

Some eye conditions are more obvious than others. You may overlook nearsightedness because a child may not show obvious signs of difficulty. Focus on a child's behavior, particularly when he or she is looking at objects or complains about difficulty seeing an object clearly. 

If you do not have an exam at an early age, then always consider an eye exam for your child when he or she is about to enter the school system. A first eye exam before the start of kindergarten or pre-school allows your child to keep up with his or her education. You also want to consider an annual exam as a child grows to keep up with changes to his or her vision that may develop at a later time.

What to Expect During Eye Exams for Kids

Eye exams for kids ultimately depend on their age and situation. We use age-appropriate charts with pictures or letters based on their level of education and understanding. We may check for specific concerns after the initial evaluation to check for potential diseases and conditions in the eyes. We also check on a child's developing vision because young children are still working on improving their vision with their daily activities.

If we notice a problem, then we explain the situation to parents and the treatment options that may help. We may suggest vision therapy or visual exercises to help improve a child's visual health. We may also recommend corrective lenses when we notice nearsightedness, farsightedness or signs of potential concerns.

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