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Non-Surgical Vision Correction

You just woke up from a restful night’s sleep. But as you start your day, you notice something different. You can see without your glasses or contacts… and you haven’t had surgery. Well, you’re not dreaming. You’re just experiencing Orthokeratology, or Ortho-K, also called Corneal Refractive Therapy (CRT), Vision Shaping Therapy a.k.a. VST, Corneal Molding, and Non-Surgical Vision Correction— nighttime vision correction that gives you freedom from glasses and contacts all day without refractive surgery. The doctors at Silicon Valley Eye Physicians in Sunnyvale can review this surgery-free corneal reshaping treatment with patients during an in-office consultation.

Ortho-K Lenses for Silicon Valley

Orthokeratology utilizes specially-designed therapeutic contact lenses that gently and temporarily reshape the cornea while you sleep. Through intense research and clinical testing, Ortho-K has been proven both safe and effective for patients of all ages, earning this therapy FDA approval for nighttime use. The result for you is great vision 24 hours a day – without the lenses during waking hours and while they’re in at night.

Our Silicon Valley Ortho K doctors use these lenses for the correction of myopia (nearsightedness), myopia with astigmatism, hyperopia (farsightedness), and even presbyopia.

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Corneal Refractive Therapy Orthokeratology Dr. Mendelson

Frequently Asked Questions

What is Ortho-K?

It is a specially designed contact lens therapy that is a technologically advanced, non-invasive, non-surgical process to reshape the cornea while you sleep. You remove the Ortho-K contact lenses when you awake and are able to see throughout the day without any other correction.

How is Ortho-K different at Silicon Valley Eye Physicians?

At Silicon Valley Eye Physicians,  our Ortho K eye doctors have extensive training and experience in Ortho-K, far beyond what is needed to become certified. They are members of the Orthokeratology Academy of America.

Dr. Mendelson, a pioneer in the field of Orthokeratology, has been practicing Ortho-K for over 25 years. Dr. Mendelson and Dr. Lau are Fellows of the International Academy of Orthokeratology, a distinction and title that less than 1% of eye doctors worldwide have achieved based on exceptional knowledge, experience, and expertise in Orthokeratology and is the only eye care center in the nation to have 3 fellows, solidifying it as a leader in Orthokeratology.

Can Ortho-K help stop my child’s eyes from getting worse?

Ortho-K has been shown to significantly slow the rate of progression of myopia (nearsightedness) when compared to children wearing eyeglasses in multiple studies. Currently, a very large scale study titled Stabilization of Myopia by Accelerated Reshaping Technique (SMART) is underway to confirm the results found in previous studies. More studies are needed to understand the mechanism by which this happens, but in our opinion children with rapidly progressive nearsightedness should wear these lenses in an attempt to reduce myopia progression.

Is Ortho-K new? Why haven’t I heard of it?

While reshaping the cornea by means of a contact lens is not new, Ortho-k only gained FDA approval in 2002. The first lens to gain approval was the Paragon CRT, which is why many people call Ortho-K treatment, CRT (similar to how people call facial tissue, Kleenex). Ortho-K has a proven record of safety and effectiveness, however many people have not heard of it. Ortho-K is a treatment usually only lightly touched on in an eye doctor’s training. Only some eye doctors will pursue a level of training high enough to become certified to perform Ortho-K.

Are all Ortho-K lenses the same?

Illustration of how the Ortho-K lens works. No. There are multiple different Ortho-K lens designs available. At Silicon Valley Eye Physicians our unmatched experience in Ortho-K will make sure the best lens is used for your individual needs. The doctors at Silicon Valley Eye Physicians will review each patient’s goals and physiology to create customized Ortho-K lenses to achieve the best results possible. Currently, the most advanced and customizable lenses are made through CAD programs. Dr. Gelles is one of only 3 certified CAD program lens designers in Northern California.

Is Ortho-K Permanent?

No. The effects are temporary. Your vision will return to its previous level in as little as three days if you discontinue wearing the lenses.

Can everyone wear Orthokeratology?

Image of post-orthokeratology.No, Ortho-K is not designed for everyone. The lens is FDA approved for people with low to moderate degrees of myopia (nearsightedness), with or without astigmatism. However, it is possible to perform Ortho-K for individuals outside of these limits. There are no age restrictions, which makes it a great option for everyone in the family. However, each patient’s physiology and visual needs are different, so before making the decision to use Ortho-K, a consultation with the doctors of Silicon Valley Eye Physicians is necessary.

Are there any risks involved with wearing Ortho-K lenses?

Wearing any type of contact lens involves some minimal risks. Lens care and hygiene are the biggest factors. In the clinical study conducted by the FDA, no serious adverse events were recorded.

Can I see with my Ortho-K lenses in?

Yes. You will be able to see clearly with your lenses on and off!

How do I care for my Ortho-K lenses?

You will need to disinfect your lens following each use. Your eye care professional will advise you on the lens care system best suited to you.

What is Orthokeratology?

Testimonials from our CRT Patients

“[I] found that wearing glasses (correcting for distance) wasn’t working well when I also needed to do reading. Dr. M [Mendelson] suggested that I wasn’t a good candidate for laser correction but that CRT might be the answer. Dr. M had been my doctor for years with my prescription glasses. He’s tracked my vision for years. He explains things so very well. He also does a splendid job of telling me what would not be a good choice (laser) and why. Knowledgeable, caring, pragmatic. CRT is so easy- flossing, brushing, putting in contact lenses- all part of the bedtime ritual. Then in the morning, take it out, clean it off, and I’m set for anything.” Prior to contact lenses I had “glasses for distance, driving, movies, TV across the room. Got glasses in the mid 80’s, wore them only at night for driving and hockey games. Where I really noticed that the “old” solution — glasses — wasn’t working was when I was at Sharks hockey game. When I had glasses on, I couldn’t read the program. When I took the glasses off, I couldn’t see the ice clearly. I knew there had to be a better answer, and Dr. M told me that CRT might be just the ticket. He and Bob worked as a great team to make sure that CRT was performing as they expected. It worked wonderfully and is the perfect answer for me.”

– B.W., Los Altos, CA

“I love CRT. I am 52 years old and have worn vision correction since the age of 12. First glasses then a foray into hard lenses- not a happy experience. Then soft lenses came out and I loved them — except for swimming and sports in the wind, I lost lenses to both wind and water. Next extended wear soft lenses, so convenient until they caused blood vessels to start from lack of oxygen to the cornea. Back to glasses. I was needing bifocals, really trifocals, when I became a patient of Dr. Mendelson’s. CRT revolutionized my eye correction. First the quality of my correction is crisp and bright because reshaping the eye brings in more light. The correction is only at night, none of the irritations and hassles of lenses during a sport or with cosmetics. And finally it is flexible. Once my distance correction was stable Dr. Mendelson taught me to vary my lens wearing to tailor my correction to anticipated activities. Road trips get max distance correction and a day knitting is done with no lenses for a night. Try it – you’ll love the result!”

– J.E., Sunnyvale. CA

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