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Keep up-to-date on the latest vision-related news and eye care events in our Practice.

Silicon Valley Eye Physicians Sunnyvale – 80-Year old Keratoconus patient discovers scleral lenses

So how did you come to worst scleral lens? Yes, I was diagnosed with Keratoconus in 1976 when I was 36 years old. I've been wearing contact lenses for at least 10, 15 years before them. When I was diagnosed and I originally went to the Institute for Sight Foundation...

Blepharospasm of the eyes & dry eye. What’s the connection?

Dr Wu: Are there any concerns with dry eyes and spasming of the eyelids? Blepharospasms that you do that you're familiar with? Blepharospasms can cause some dry eyes because of the unusual eyelid to ocular surface interactions. I think some patients experience some relief of Botox that's been explored recently....

What Eye Drops Are Best For My Eyes?

Choosing the right eye drops to relieve dry eye syndrome can be a real challenge, as there are several brands and products on the market. Learn all about the types of artificial tears available and start feeling better today.

Why is My Dry Eye More Severe in the Mornings?

If you wake up in the morning with itchy, burning eyes, you may have dry eye syndrome. Wonder how this happens when your eyes are closed all night? Read on to find out!

How to Choose Eyeglass Frames For Your Features

Shopping for a new pair of frames isn’t easy. We can help you choose frames that not only feel good but are most suited to your facial features.

Scleral Lenses for Keratoconus & Corneal Irregularity

At our office. Keratoconus is one of those common corneal conditions that we encounter. It is believed that it can be founded up to one of 250 people. Whereas in the past, we used to think it used to be one to 2000 or 3000 people. During your consultation, we...

How do you know you have dry eye disease?

Dr Wu: A lot of patients, you know, aren't really aware that what they're experiencing is dry eyes. So at the end of the day, you may feel like your eyes, you're having a hard time keeping your eyes open. You may feel like your eyes feel a little sticky...

Why do parents not view Myopia (nearsightedness) as a problem?

Parents start myopia management for their child once they understand how a higher prescription leads to a high risk for eye disease. Our own Dr. Moshe Mendelson published an article on Review of Myopia Management regarding this. Plus, parents are able to talk to our doctors remotely, from their own,...

Why Might I Need Glasses After LASIK?

If someone you know still wears reading glasses after having LASIK surgery, you may have some questions, especially if you’re considering having the procedure yourself. Learn about presbyopia and why you’ll likely need reading glasses even after LASIK.

3 Ways Neuro-Optometry Can Help Stroke Survivors

In most cases, a stroke leaves survivors with lasting visual symptoms that can make it hard to function. Thankfully, a neuro-optometrist can help by identifying any overt and nuanced visual dysfunction and providing neuro-optometric rehabilitation therapy.

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