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Silicon Valley Eye Physicians in Sunnyvale .

Founded in 1952, Silicon Valley Eye Physicians in Sunnyvale, CA, provides the community with comprehensive eye care for children, adults, and seniors. We utilize state-of-the-art technology to diagnose and treat a variety of eye conditions including cataracts, myopia, and macular degeneration. The range of treatments available at our office is extensive and can be tailored to suit your needs. Our eye doctors have developed vision therapy and rehabilitation programs to help improve the eye health of patients of all ages. Our optical store offers a wide range of contact lenses, designer eyeglass frames, and prescription sunglasses to suit your lifestyle while protecting your eyes. For patients who prefer to improve their vision without contacts or lenses, we can also perform LASIK eye surgery. Additionally, we stay at the forefront of vision care by conducting clinical trials on emerging techniques and technologies.

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We promise to provide innovative vision care, a full spectrum of services, and comprehensive eye exams to improve the lives of our patients.  Silicon Valley Eye Physicians

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Are you experiencing problems with your vision? If you are, we invite you to schedule a consultation with one of the doctors at our Sunnyvale, CA, office today. Whether you've worn corrective lenses for years or you've only recently begun noticing vision problems, our eye care specialists can conduct a thorough evaluation to diagnose your condition and develop a plan for correction. Our optical store provides top-of-the-line corrective lenses, and we are also able to perform refractive surgery like LASIK. To schedule your consultation, fill out our online form or call:

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Kaaren P.

Kaaren P.

Dr. David Mark and the entire staff are top notch in every way.  Dr. Mark is an excellent surgeon and ophthalmologist, and after my cataract surgeries, I only need glasses for reading which is truly remarkable. View On Google +

Kristin Y.

Kristin Y.

My experience getting cataract surgery with Dr. Mark was outstanding. I would recommend him without any reservation as a highly experienced & talented physician. The entire staff at Silicon Valley Eye Physicians were exceptional.  View On Google +

Diagnosis through Your Phone

We are happy to accommodate our patients' busy lifestyles by providing diagnoses over our virtual consultation app, Eye Care Live. Download the app and connect with one of our doctors for a virtual consultation. We can assess your condition, prescribe medication, and schedule follow-up appointments–all over the phone.

Telemedicine app

Meet Our Doctors

David Mark, MD
David Mark, MD

Since completing his training and faculty role as an ophthalmologist at Stanford University, Dr. Mark has taken a special interest in and undergone extensive training for cataract surgery, LASIK eye surgery, treatment of corneal diseases, and glaucoma treatment.

Moshe Mendelson, OD, FIAO
Moshe Mendelson, OD, FIAO

Dr. Mendelson is a leading optometrist in the field of orthokeratology, which allows patients to correct issues of the cornea without surgery. He is also one of the few doctors to obtain the title of Fellow of the International Academy of Orthokeratology.

Jesley Johnson, OD
Jesley Johnson, OD

After receiving her doctorate and completing several externships, Dr. Johnson developed a specialized interest in pediatrics and vision therapy. She is certified in corneal refractive therapy and is also a member of the American Academy of Orthokeratology.

Jackson Lau, OD, FSLS
Jackson Lau, OD, FSLS

In addition to his background in diseases of the cornea, myopia control, and specialty contact lenses, Dr. Lau has earned the distinction as a Fellow of the Scleral Lens Education Society for his role in helping hundreds of patients treat and overcome keratoconus and dry eyes.

Kevin Y. Wu, OD
Kevin Y. Wu, OD

Dr. Wu obtained his doctorate degree from the University of California, Berkeley School of Optometry. He completed extensive training on management of ocular diseases, specialty contact lens fittings and myopia control management thorough rotations in hospitals around Northern California.


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karen walker

Karen Walker

November 2019

I wasn't expecting such excellent customer service and a high quality of experience and expertise. I was not disappointed in any way. This group was recommended to me by a co-worker and she gave them high praise as well. They made sure my experience was great and that I received any and all benefits with my insurance coverage. What a really nice and professional team. I will recommend as well as return there for any exam or supply needs. View On Google

emilie ponsin

Emilie Ponsin

December 2019

I had a great experience, I was able to get a last minute appointment in December even with a long waiting list.The team at the reception was really friendly and helpful. The technicians and the eye doctor really take the time to explain you every detail for the exam, overall, I had a great first impression!
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Check Out Our Sunnyvale Office

Why Should Patients Schedule a Comprehensive Eye Exam? 

Early detection of eye conditions is the key to ensuring the most effective treatment, and a comprehensive eye exam can help our team of doctors learn about the health and structure of your eyes. When performing an eye exam at our Sunnyvale offices, our doctors use state-of-the-art diagnostic equipment to help clearly identify areas of concern. These tools allow us to check for signs of:  

Identifying these conditions early on can help reduce the risk of permanent vision loss or even blindness. In addition to these advanced tests, our doctors will perform vision testing to identify nearsightedness, farsightedness, or astigmatism and prescribe the appropriate treatment. If you can benefit from contact lenses, eyeglasses, or another treatment, our onsite optical stores offer several options to suit your lifestyle and optical needs. To schedule an eye exam, please contact us online or call (408) 739-6200.

Expertly Performed LASIK Surgery

LASIK surgery

LASIK surgery has become the most well-known and sought-after corrective procedure in recent years, and for good reason. LASIK has the potential to change patients' lives by correcting their vision to the point where they no longer require eyeglasses or contact lenses. At Silicon Valley Eye Physicians in Sunnyvale, CA, LASIK surgery is handled primarily by our ophthalmologist, Dr. David Mark.

What Is LASIK?

Laser-assisted in situ keratomileusis (LASIK) surgery is a form of refractive surgery that involves the use of a highly precise laser to reshape the cornea and correct vision. Most common vision problems like myopia (nearsightedness), hyperopia (farsightedness), or astigmatism are caused by irregularly shaped corneas. Classic corrective lenses work by refracting light in such a way to compensate for the misshapen cornea. However, modern technology now allows us to reshape the cornea itself with LASIK, eliminating your dependence on glasses or contacts that are fragile, easy to lose, and expensive to replace.

Woman undergoing LASIK surgery

How Is LASIK Performed?

The LASIK process can be completed in less than 15 minutes and consists of several steps:

  • Anesthesia: Before beginning the surgery, the surgeon will apply local anesthesia to the eyes in the form of eye drops, so there will be no pain at all during the procedure.
  • Cornea Flap Creation: The surgeon will make an extremely thin flap in the cornea either using a surgical tool known as a mircrokeratome or a laser.
  • Cornea Correction: The surgeon will fold back the flap as if it was on a hinge to access the corneal tissue below. Then, the surgeon will use the laser to precisely reshape the cornea so that it correctly refracts light onto the retina.
  • Surgery Completion: The surgeon will fold back the flap in the cornea. The cut in the cornea will naturally heal without the need for suturing. 

What Is Recovery Like after LASIK Surgery?

Immediately after LASIK surgery, the surgeon should provide you with prescription eye drops that can help prevent inflammation and infection. Someone else will need to drive you home after your surgery.

Woman applying eyedrops

Patients can notice improved vision just a few days after surgery. We will likely schedule follow-up appointments with our ophthalmologist regularly over the first six months after LASIK to ensure there are no complications. 

What Are Potential Side Effects of LASIK?

Because of the precision of the laser used in LASIK, complications arising from the actual procedure are extremely rare. Side effects that some patients do experience include infection, corneal halos, and under or overcorrection. During a consultation for any refractive surgery at our office in Sunnyvale, CA, our eye doctors will thoroughly cover any potential risks of the recommended treatment.

LASIK at Silicon Valley Eye Physicians

Our ophthalmologist, Dr. David Mark, is specially trained in laser vision correction, and he conducts all of our patients' LASIK surgeries at the Horizon Vision Center in Santa Clara. This laser center features some of the most advanced LASIK technology available. Dr. Mark likes to operate using the VISX Smooth Scan Excimer Laser.

In addition to one of the best lasers available for LASIK today, we also employ sophisticated wavefront technology to chart the shape of the patient's eyes before refractive surgery. Using the readings from the wavefront technology, we can program the laser to target corneal tissue even more precisely, producing better results than standard LASIK alone.

Are You Ready for LASIK?

If you're ready to say "goodbye" to eyeglasses and contact lenses, call the eye care specialists at Silicon Valley Eye Physicians in Sunnyvale, CA, today. For patients considering LASIK, we are happy to provide screening evaluations free of charge. In a comprehensive appointment that takes about an hour and a half, our eye surgeon will examine your corneas to determine if you are eligible for laser vision correction. During this consultation, we will also discuss details like pricing, risks, and pre-operative instructions. We accept CareCredit® financing, have a variety of payment plans and programs, and offer zero percent financing on LASIK for 12 months.

To schedule your free LASIK evaluation, please contact us online or call us at:

(408) 739-6200

"Information, advice and guidance in a calm and professional way. I could not ask for more." Samuel M.
More Testimonials

Dry Eye Syndrome

Close up of man's red eye

According to the American Academy of Ophthalmology, over 3 million Americans are affected by this ailment. Although the name alone does not sound serious, an untreated case can completely undermine your quality of life: not only is the condition uncomfortable, but it can also make it more difficult to see over time. Silicon Valley Eye Physicians uses advanced techniques to diagnose your condition and offer a range of treatments to provide relief. 

Learn More

Correct Your Vision Non-Surgically with Ortho-K

Orthokeratology, also known as Ortho-K, is an advanced, modern therapy for reshaping the cornea without surgery. Ortho-K involves wearing specially designed contact lenses at night that provide correction to the cornea that can last throughout the day. As the only eye care center in the United States to have three fellows of the International Academy of Orthokeratology, Silicon Valley Eye Physicians is a premier destination for patients interested in Ortho-K.

Ortho-K can be implemented to correct myopia, myopia with astigmatism, hyperopia, and even presbyopia. Patients interested in Ortho-K can schedule a consultation with Dr. Moshe Mendelson by contacting us online or calling (408) 739-6200.

how ortho-k works

Customizable Cataract Surgery


In addition to LASIK, eye surgeon Dr. David Mark also performs advanced cataract surgery. Cataracts affect roughly half of Americans by the time they turn 75, causing blurry vision and difficulty performing everyday tasks. Our surgeon can remove your cataracts in a painless procedure that takes less than 30 minutes and involves little risk of side effects. Depending on your vision needs, the surgeon will select the right intraocular lens for you. Patients experience gradually improved vision over approximately three months. 

Srividya Chandrasekaran

Srividya Chandrasekaran

September 2019

Very pleasant experience. My daughter was made really comfortable as this was her first ever vision checkup. Thorough professional and very glad that we came here.
View On Google

ranny haiby

Ranny Haiby

April 2020

A smooth and pleasant experience. 
The doctor and technicians were extremely nice. They explained every step of the eye exam clearly and addressed all my concerns. The glasses store has a wide range of frames and I was able to find the right one for me. View On Google

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Silicon Valley Eye Physicians is a leading vision care provider that has been serving the community for over 60 years. Our doctors are members of prestigious organizations, including: 

  •  The American Academy of Ophthalmology
  • The Association for Research in Vision and Ophthalmology
  • The Cornea Society
  • The California Optometric Association

We are happy to conduct examinations and make diagnoses over the phone using our telemedicine service. To schedule in-person exams for your entire family, call our Sunnyvale office at (408) 739-6200 or request an appointment online.

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