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No, Glasses Won’t Make Your Vision Worse!

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At Silicon Valley Eye Physicians we often hear a concern among our eye care patients that wearing glasses might make their eyesight worse over time. The logic goes that the eyes become dependent on the visual correction provided by the glasses, weakening the eyes over time and resulting in an ever stronger prescription year after year.

This is a myth.

The Science Behind Vision Change

Wearing glasses will not alter the essential characteristics that determine how well you see, whether your sight will continue to change, or how bad your vision will ultimately get. The anatomy of your eye, including the shape of your cornea and the length of your eyeball, determine your visual acuity. As we age, these factors change, which is why your vision will often get worse as you grow. This happens whether or not you wear glasses. In fact, not wearing glasses when you need them can cause certain vision problems to worsen.

The Risks Of Incorrect Glasses Prescriptions

Another concern is whether an incorrect or outdated glasses prescription could make your vision worse. Our eye doctors report mixed news on this one: Wearing an incorrect prescription can slightly increase the progression of myopia, or nearsightedness, in children, but adults remain unaffected. In some cases, children with crossed eyes or a lazy eye may be prescribed special glasses that can help straighten their eye. Not wearing these glasses as prescribed can lead to permanent vision damage.

In the end, eye care experts agree that there is no evidence to suggest that wearing glasses with the correct prescription will worsen eyesight in either children or adults. It’s important to visit your local optometrist regularly for annual comprehensive eye exams and to wear glasses as needed to maintain good vision.

Want to know more about how glasses can help you see more clearly and comfortably? Come visit our Sunnyvale eye doctors at Silicon Valley Eye Physicians, or give us a call at 408-739-6200.


What kind of glasses are prescribed for the treatment of lazy eye?

Glasses for the treatment of lazy eye blur vision in the dominant eye, often by using an incorrect glasses prescription. This is called optical penalization. This forces the brain to pay attention to the weaker eye, strengthening the connection between the brain and the weaker eye.

How do I prevent my child from having an outdated glasses prescription?

Comprehensive eye exams are an important part of maintaining your child’s clear vision. During the course of an eye exam, your eye doctor will perform a number of tests to ensure that your child’s glasses prescription is still accurate for their visual needs. This involves the use of eye charts and a phoropter.